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ARENV Architects and Engineers, Vardakis & partners, completing more than two decades of professional activity provides integrated management and problem solving services regarding living space and its organization.


•Industrial design (objects, furniture, etc.)
•Interior architecture design (arrangement and decoration of residences, shops, etc.).


•Architectural design of buildings and complexes of residences, shops, offices, industrial and tourist facilities.
•Maintenance, restoration, reconstruction and reuse or repurpose of significant buildings or structures.
•Study of special buildings of public interest (schools, museums, etc.)
•Study of open spaces (squares, pedestrian walks, redevelopment of settlements), landscape architecture (organization of gardens, parks, etc.).
•Structural design services: construction site supervision in reinforced concrete buildings, steel constructions, concrete-steel composite structures and special buildings, structural survey and evaluation, structural restoration and reinforcement planning.
•Electromechanical design and supervision in buildings and installations
•Urban and regional planning and development, city and rural planning, environmental protection and environmental impact study, socioeconomic research.



•Supervision services for the project, solving the individual issues of construction and preparing supporting plans, design details and appropriate selection of materials and technologies for the qualitative and economic integration of projects.
•Worksite management


Integrated technical design and investment proposals with the necessary arrangements, settlements and permits, within the current legislation and real estate market, insure the proper management and utilization of property.